Welcome to the Lancashire Heeler Information Website  which I have designed  to give impartial information about this wonderful breed of dog which were originally bred to round up cattle and sheep, the breed make wonderful companions and faithful friends.

Based on my original website this new updated version, should be easier to navigate all pages are accessible from this the front page, obviously the website is child friendly and still contains lots of helpful information pertaining to the Lancashire Heeler along with information invaluable to dog owners everywhere.

Enjoy your visit and feel free to email me with any further information that you feel should be included on the website. Joan Smith 2004   Launched 24th March 2004. 


Dot in River in Derbyshire the day before her operation to remove mammory cancers

Some Sad News from the Pennijar Household

Patterjo Polka at Pennijar our beloved Dottie (Pictured above) lost her four year long battle with Cancer on Monday 7th May 2007, both Mark and I were with her as she went to sleep with dignity.  Dottie was our first Lancashire Heeler, Mum to Mr. Bean and Emma and Grandma to Meggie we are all missing her terribly and will always do so.  Her love of life, her companionship and loving nature will always be in our hearts.

DOTTIE  24th August 1994 - 7th May 2007

Rest in Peace little Baby Bop


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